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Redface or no? I'm leaning strongly towards redface, but I want to get a second opinion before I go all WTF in my review of the show.

Found this article today about the "race card" and whether or not black people actually "play" it. (Hint: They/We? generally don't) Seriously smart. Thought I'd share.

ugh, made it about halfway through. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. It's actually almost hilarious how stupid his arguments are.

You guys. THIS WOMAN. I cannot. Please read and rage unintelligibly with me.

Is anyone else having problems with their replies today? I'm not getting the notifications. As in, I have to manually check my inbox every 5 seconds (I'm bored) so see if anyone has replied to me.

Can we talk about Rihanna's new video? I love it. It's beautiful, but in a really sad way. The visuals combined with the words give a really depressing picture of why she may have gone back to CB. She just looks so tired and broken you know? I want to hug her.

Wrote this in the car on the way to work this morning. It's about not being a situational feminist. Feedback?

Q: I am the parent of a young son. I catch him experimenting with what I suspect might be the "n word." I try to tell him not to say it, but he can't figure out which word I'm referring to unless I say it myself. Should I say the "n word" to my child, just to clarify?