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More on Jon Hamm's Jon Hamm: When I posted the first article last week (about he's super pissed people keep talking about his penis) someone said that they wished he would come out and say something along the lines of "this sucks, I can't imagine how females celebs do this all the time". Saw this piece and thought it

Please tell me I'm not crazy. Please, please, PLEASE. I'm actually almost in tears over this because I thought these women were rational people. And I'm okay with differing opinions, but I really feel like they're been dogpiling on me, and I getting too worked up to be coherent. And on top of it, I follow them all

About Jon Hamm's Jon Hamm: After reading this piece I'm thinking that this may be the first time (that I am aware of) that the media has crossed the line of entitlement to comment on the body of a male public figure. It happens with women all the time obviously, and we always talk about it when it does re: the things

Just had a random revelation: another indication of the sexual double standard. Whenever people have a one night stand, it's always the woman who feels the need to justify that "they never do this". No one ever judges the men who have one night stands.

Hi ladies. Just published this blogpost after a particularly frustrating incident with street harassment today. Though I'd post it here for feedback/thoughts. Also, definitely let me know if I forgot to close any logical loopholes that the trolls and strawmen can get through.

Redface or no? I'm leaning strongly towards redface, but I want to get a second opinion before I go all WTF in my review of the show.

Found this article today about the "race card" and whether or not black people actually "play" it. (Hint: They/We? generally don't) Seriously smart. Thought I'd share.

ugh, made it about halfway through. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. It's actually almost hilarious how stupid his arguments are.